CHEF Membership

In order to become a Member of CHEF:

To get more out of your membership with CHEF please consider the following:

  • Fill in your cell phone information to receive text alert and massages about upcoming events.
  • Create a login for your spouse, free with paid family dues, with their information so that they can receive information as well.
  • Join the CHEF Facebook page.

Joining CHEF is a small expense with several benefits. 

Connect with other Home School families with the CHEF Facebook Page.

CHEF Connect Enews letter.

Discount when joining HSLDA.


Activities that CHEF members are involved in:

  • 4-H
  • Sonshine Academy
  • UCA Youth Choir
  • Trail Life
  • Model United Nations
  • Upward Basketball and Cheer
  • Falcon Sports
  • Blackbird Academy of Art
  • Grand Master Hans Taekwondo
  • AR Dream Center


CHEF members volunteer with:

  • Antioch Baptist weekly Backpacks for Children, food ministry
  • Bethlehem House
  • Ministry Center
  • Conway Animal Welfare Unit


2014-2015 CHEF Essay Contest winner.  What they had to say about being in CHEF.

Influences of CHEF

I believe that Chef has helped, encouraged and, inspired me and my family through my first year in homeschooling. In this paper I will tell you how Chef has helped me and how it could help another homeschooler and their families in the future.

Chef is a wonderful institution that I believe has the potential of helping others (like myself) in every way possible. Chef has provided me many things that have helped me in a number of ways and, Chef will continue to give the encouragement needed to other home school families and students. Chef will also help administer to those who need it, and make school enjoyable for those who were never given the chance to explore the things that Chef offers like baking class, field trips, chemistry class, and many other exciting educational experiences.

Since I was in public school my whole life I was not that excited to find out that I would be attending home school the following year. But, when I started going to the Chef activities I have gotten to the point where I am excited to go to school the next day because of the Chef educational experiences. The first time I went to the Chef field trip I stepped out of my shell a little more. Before I started I was kind of shy and didn’t have many friends, but now I have met new people and started having more of a better time at school.

Chef has not only helped me but they are capable of helping many others in the future too. They can be very encouraging to those that might not be excited about homeschooling. Chef can help other families that have recently started homeschooling, or that might start homeschooling in the following months. Some people have their doubts about becoming a part of the home school Chef program but, I assure you that they will change their minds once they hear about the advantages in using the Chef program. I used to not know how to bake homemade bread but once I went to the baking class that Chef offers I learned how to bake bread and now I make it for my family all of the time. I loved field trips as a kid in public school but when I was told that in middle school they didn’t have any more I was very upset, so when my parents told me that I could go on the field trips offered by Chef I was very intrigued.

Chef is a great program that I loved since the first activity I participated in. And I know that Chef will help encourage and inspire those starting the home school experience. Chef is a very notable institution that I know will be loved by every home school family for generations to come. Thank you for being there for so many home school families and students.

Get more out of your CHEF Membership.